E. C. Throsby Pty Limited is a private, wholly Australian owned beef processing company. The Throsby Family have been processing livestock in the Hunter Valley for over 50 years from 1951, with our current location in, Singleton in the Hunter Valley commencing operations in 2000. E C Throsby is a progressive beef packer whose products are marketed worldwide. The plant processes cows and bulls, and produces product lines such as Bone In & Boneless Beef (Manufacturing & Primal Cuts), Offals, Fancy Meats, Tripe, Meat Meal, Blood Meal and Tallow for the export and domestic markets. Our company exports approximately 98% of its product to markets in the USA, South East Asia and the Middle East just to name a few. The company has Halal Accreditation, and ensures all products are produced in accordance with the company's Approved Arrangements and HACCP, AQIS Legislation and Aus-Meat requirements, to access these trade partners. We focus on producing beef products, to the highest food safety standard.


Image Our livestock are sourced from local and interstate producers.

High Capacity Production

Image Our processing area's include state of the art equipment and machinery and have utilised technology to enhance and simplify the process, in turn increasing capacity.

Australian Meat Exporter

Image E C Throsby Pty Limited is a progressive beef packer whose product is marketed and exported worldwide.

EC Throsby Pty Ltd

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EC Throsby operates under an AQIS approved arrangement.